* World Premiere

Boccaccio (1976)
A sprightly musical of six tales, over 600 years old, made sparkling new. Eight young citizens flee to the country to escape Florence and the plague of 1348. To overcome their fear, they amuse each other with tender, bawdy storied, music and jokes – involving salacious monks, ingenuous wives, wanton nuns and enterprising young men. The songs by Richard Peasless have a rock beat with an ecclesiastical vibrancy. An innocent, warm, fun look at love 600 years ago – and today. An evening of surprises and delights.
About the Play
Written By: Kenneth Cavander
Giovanni Boccaccio - Original Story
Richard Peaslee - Music
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About the Production
Run Dates: 11/4/1976 - 11/27/1976
Program: Program (.pdf)
Venue: Queen Anne
Directed By: Gregory A. Falls
Cast: Megan Dean - Alibech
Robert MacDougall - The Aristocrat
Beth McDonald - Contessa degli Lucchesi
Marnie Mosiman - Gilletta
Frederick Sperberg - Beltramo
Kelly Walters - Anichino
A.C. Weary - Rustico
Music: John Budelman - Reeds
Stan Keen - Keyboards
William O. (Bill) Kotick - Percussion
Andrew Lambert - Bass
Beverly Mann Statter - Harp
Pamela Vokaler - Harp
Behind the Scenes: Bill Forrester - Scenic Designer
Peter Hardie - Property Master
Stan Keen - Music Director
Eileen MacRae Murphy - Stage Manager
A.W. (Al) Nelson - Lighting Designer
Sally Richardson - Costume Designer
Phil Schermer - Technical Director