* World Premiere

Man of the Moment (1994)
A wickedly funny indictment of the public’s voracious appetite for scandal and the media frenzy that feeds it. Ayckbourn‘s latest play takes off with a bang when a British tabloid TV show reunites two men 17 years after a foiled bank robbery. One man had become an instant hero, then faded into obscurity. The other served time, exploited his celebrity and became a fabulously rich television personality. Now at the ex-con’s luxurious Mediterranean villa the producer of Their Paths Crossed is desperately trying to incite a confrontation between the two for a show that could make or break her career. Will she succeed? Will the famous felon get his just desserts? Enquiring minds want to know!
About the Play
Written By: Alan Ayckbourn
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About the Production
Run Dates: 8/6/1994 - 9/4/1994
Program: Program (.pdf)
Venue: Queen Anne
Directed By: Jeff Steitzer
Cast: John Aylward - Vic Parks
Lise Bachwitz - Cindy Parks
Suzanne Bouchard - Jill Rillington
Greg Foran - Company
Bruce Holmes - Company
Jennifer Jett - Company
Lori Larsen - Marta
Leslie Law - Sharon Griffin
Rex McDowell - Ashley Barnes
Stephanie Parker - Company
Larry Paulsen - David
Christopher E. Shanahan - Company
Peter Silbert - Ruy
Rachael Sofian - Cindy Parks
Julie Thorton - Company
Lauren Trewes - Trudy Parks
Michael Winters - Douglas Beechey
R. Hamilton Wright - Kenny Collins
Behind the Scenes: Laura Crow - Costume Designer
Jeffrey K. Hanson - Stage Manager
David Hunter Koch - Composer
Paul Owen - Scenic Designer
Jim Ragland - Sound Designer
Phil Schermer - Producing Director
Jeff Steitzer - Dramaturg
Greg Sullivan - Lighting Designer
Susan Trapnell Moritz - Managing Director