* World Premiere

An Evening of One Acts (2014)
Three celebrated writers and their trio of short plays stretch the imagination with magic, surprise, wonder, and a dose of science fiction fantasy to the summer. Famous for their successes on the big screen and the stage, we take a look at what Martin, Allen, and Shepard bring to their respective short stories.

The bittersweet conclusion of a romance between a lovesick magician and his aloof assistant.

RIVERSIDE DRIVE (2003) by Woody Allen
A paranoid vagrant confronts a screenwriter he's been stalking for weeks, convinced that his prey stole his idea.

THE UNSEEN HAND (1970) by Sam Shepard
Loners, outlaws, and aliens come together in a wild affirmation of free will and pioneering human spirit.
About the Play
Written By: Woody Allen - Riverside Drive
Steve Martin - Patter for the Floating Lady
Sam Shepard - The Unseen Hand
About the Production
Run Dates: 7/18/2014 - 8/17/2014
Program: Program (.pdf)
Directed By: R. Hamilton Wright
Cast: Eric Ray Anderson - Fred; Blue Morphan
Quinn Armstrong - The Kid
Chris Ensweiler - Jim; Sycamore Morphan
David Foubert - The Magician; Cisco Morphan
Hana Lass - The Assistant; Willie (The Space Freak)
Jessica Skerritt - Angie; Barbara
Behind the Scenes: Geoffrey Alm - Fight Director
Kurt Beattie - Artistic Director
Melanie Taylor Burgess - Costume Designer
Martin Christoffel - Scenic Designer
Kent Cubbage - Assistant Lighting Designer
Ruth Eitemiller - Production Assistant
Brendan Patrick Hogan - Sound Designer
Rick Paulsen - Lighting Designer
Gian-Carlo Scandiuzzi - Executive Director
Erin B. Zatloka - Stage Manager