* World Premiere

The Deputy (1967)
This play has been seen in the major capitals of the world, and must be seen in Seattle. Eric Bentley maintains that “The Deputy" has created “the largest storm ever raised by a play in the whole history of the drama.” Lt is a controversial play: a taut, moving play that raises many questions. It is a theatre experience not to be missed.
About the Play
Written By: Rolf Hochhuth
Jerome Rothenberg - Adaptation
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About the Production
Run Dates: 6/27/1967 - 7/8/1967
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Venue: Queen Anne
Directed By: Gregory A. Falls
Cast: William Brower - Doctor
Thomas Connolly - Prisoner; SS Lt. Kurt Gerstein
Katherine Connors - Little Girl
James Engelhardt - Officer of Pope's Guard; Victim; Nazi Soldier; Guard
Sparkle Finley - Mother
Charles Frank - First Italian Militiaman; Photographer; Victim; Nazi Soldier; Guard
Richard Kuss - Count Fontana
John Long - Father Riccardo Fontana
Robert Milton - Sergeant Witzel; Monk
Darrell Neumeyer - Brother Irenaeus; Victim; Nazi Soldier; Guard
K. Lype O'Dell - Cardinal
Jerome Raphel - Prisoner; Jacobson; Victim; Nazi Soldier; Guard
Susan Rees - Woman
John Scanlan - Captain Salzer; Papal Nuncio
Brian Sterling - Second Italian Militiaman; Victim; Nazi Soldier; Guard
Anita Stewart - Girl
Ben Tone - Father General
Sergei Tschernisch - Scribe; Vittorio
David Vaughn - Pope Pius XII
Behind the Scenes: S. Todd Muffatti - Set Designer