* World Premiere

Hospitality (1995)
When power corrupts and misplaced loyalty is in control, the welcome to America for an Israeli dignitary and a Colombian journalist is less than warm and inviting. Join director Peggy Shannon for this suspense-filled political thriller.
About the Play
Written By: Allan Havis
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About the Production
Run Dates: 4/22/1995 - 5/21/1995
Program: Program (.pdf)
Venue: Queen Anne
Directed By: Peggy Shannon
Cast: Mark Chamberlin - Happy Logan
Peter A. Jacobs - Monteith
Michelle Lopez - Cortez
William Earl Ray - Fuller
Stephan Weyte - Aguneir
Behind the Scenes: Andrew Wood Boughton - Set Designer
Mary H. Corrales-Diaz - Stage Manager
Steven M. Klein - Sound Designer
Rick Paulsen - Lighting Designer
Phil Schermer - Producing Director
Peggy Shannon - Artistic Director
Susan Trapnell Moritz - Managing Director
Deb Trout - Costume Designer