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Born Yesterday (2005)
Meet Billie Dawn - a beautiful but ditzy ex-chorus girl and mistress to millionaire tough-guy Hairy Brock, she's about to have her eyes opened to the world around her and to her own worth by good-guy journalist Paul Verral. One of the greatest and most enduring comedies of the 20th century, BORN YESTERDAY is a heartwarming, positive, and scathingly truthful tale about the relationship of our government to commerce. Kanin’s American classic still serves as an appropriate call to arms for all citizens in order for our democracy to function properly.

"A savagely funny look at influence-peddling in Washington and the innate sexism of American life, BORN YESTERDAY also reminds us that there is no insignificant person, no negligent human being."
About the Play
Written By: Garson Kanin
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About the Production
Run Dates: 6/17/2005 - 7/17/2005
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Directed By: Warner Shook
Cast: Tim Gouran - Bootblack; Bellhop; Waiter
Rideez Gracey-Lee - self
Jennifer Lyon - Billie Dawn
Jane May - Manicurist
Joseph P. McCarthy - Eddie Brock
Jayne Muirhead - Mrs. Hedges; Helen
David Pichette - Senator Hedges; Assistant Hotel Manager
Paul Morgan Stetler - Paul Verrall
Brian Thompson - Barber; Bellhop
R. Hamilton Wright - Ed Devery
Richard Ziman - Harry Block
Behind the Scenes: Geoffrey Alm - Fight Director
Kurt Beattie - Artistic Director
Robert A. Dahlstrom - Scenic Designer
Mary Louise Geiger - Lighting Designer
Anne Kearson - Stage Manager
Frances Kenny - Costume Designer
Nora Menkin - Production Assistant
L.B. Morse - Assistant Lighting Designer
Jim Ragland - Composer and Sound Design
Susan Trapnell - Managing Director