* World Premiere

Gray's Anatomy (1994)
Set deep in the heartland at a time “before men loved machines,” this warm and humorous play tells the story of a small town in need of a doctor -— and the peculiar stranger who arrives claiming to be a healer. Before long, folk near and wide are proclaiming ailments they never knew they had. But is Galen Gray a real doctor or a snake oil salesman? In the face of growing suspicion and a mysterious illness, both he and the town are put to the test. With homespun charm, Gray ’s Anatomy examines the bright colors of faith and science in a world reminiscent of Our Town.
About the Play
Written By: Jim Leonard, Jr.
About the Production
World Premiere
Run Dates: 5/28/1994 - 6/26/1994
Program: Program (.pdf)
Venue: Queen Anne
Directed By: Steven Dietz
Cast: Laurence Ballard - Cash Beeman
Alyson Bedford - June
Alban Dennis - Homer
Barbara Dirickson - Tiny Wingfield
Keely Madden - Becky Muldoon
Jeanne Paulsen - Belva Collins
Larry Paulsen - Crutch Collins
Peter Silbert - Galen P. Gray
Dee Dee Van Zyl - Maggie
Michael Winters - Phineas Wingfield
Music: Sarah Lewis - Cello
Dean Magaw - Guitar
Peter Ostroushko - Mandolin
Behind the Scenes: Steven E. Alter - Acting Artistic Director; Dramaturg
Karen Gjelsteen - Scenic Designer
Catherine Hunt - Costume Designer
Peter Ostroushko - Composer
Dennis Parichy - Lighting Designer
Jim Ragland - Sound Designer
Phil Schermer - Producing Director
Susan Trapnell Moritz - Managing Director
Craig Weindling - Stage Manager