* World Premiere

Ride The Cyclone (2018)
At 8:17 PM, the Saint Cassian High School Chamber Choir will board the Cyclone roller coaster. At 8:19, the front axle will break, sending them to their tragic demise. Trapped in fantastical carnival-like purgatory, the recently deceased teens discover a mechanical fortune teller, who invites them to tell their stories of life interrupted, with the promise of a prize like no other. Welcome to the West Coast premiere of Ride the Cyclone, a wildly original new musical. Part comedy, part tragedy and completely unexpected, this wonderfully weird story is at every turn satirical, macabre, creepy, campy and hilarious.
About the Play
Written By: Brooke Maxwell - Music & Lyrics
Jacob Richmond - Book; Music & Lyrics
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About the Production
Run Dates: 3/10/2018 - 5/20/2018
Program: Program (.pdf)
Directed By: Rachel Rockwell
Cast: Lillian Castillo - Constance Blackwood; Dance Captain
Karl Hamilton - The Amazing Karnak
Emily Rohm - Jane Doe
Connor Russell - Ricky Potts
Adam Standley - Mischa Bachinski
Tiffany Tatreau - Ocean O'Connell Rosenberg
Kholby Wardell - Noel Gruber
Music: Justin Davis - Guitar
Andrew Griffin - Copyist
Spencer Hoveskeland - Cello; Bass
Michael Matlock - Conductor; Keyboard
Elisa Money - Music Apprentice
Chris Monroe - Drums
Dave Pascal - Keyboard Programmer
Behind the Scenes: David Armstrong - Executive Producer - The 5th Avenue Theatre; Artistic Director - The 5th Avenue Theatre;
Bill Berry - Producing Artistic Director - The 5th Avenue Theatre
Brendan Boston - Associate Scenic Designer
Rick Boynton - Creative Consultant
Rachel Bury - Production Stage Manager
Scott Davis - Scenic Designer
Rachel Dorman - Assistant Stage Manager
Bernadine C. Griffin - Managing Director - The 5th Avenue Theatre
Theresa Ham - Costume Designer
Nicholas Hartman - Assistant Costume Designer
Anne L. Hitt - Assistant Stage Manager
Gregory Hofmann - Lighting Designer
Brendan Patrick Hogan - Associate Sound Designer
John Langs - Artistic Director
Ericka Mac - Associate Director; Choreographer
Michael Matlock - Associate Music Director
Kelly McGee - Production Assistant; Script Wrangler
Lily McLeod - Assistant Lighting Designer
Doug Peck - Music Director
Rachel Rockwell - Choreographer
Alan Schmuckler - Creative Consultant
Mike Tutaj - Projection Designer
Christopher Walker - Sound Designer
Becky Witmer - Managing Director