* World Premiere

Keely and Du (1994)
Choice, chance and the explosive ethics of abortion collide in this powerful drama. Keely, a pregnant rape victim, is kidnapped from an abortion clinic by radical right- to-life activists. Guarding her in a cell-like room is Du, a grandmotherly nurse charged with keeping Keely in good health until she comes to term. Brought together by circumstance and conviction, the two women slowly form a bond born of sympathy, rage and confinement. Acclaimed by TIME Magazine as one of the 10 best plays of the year, Keely and Du transcends politics for a compassionate portrait of two ordinary women Whose lives veer into agonizing and unexpected paths.
About the Play
Written By: Jane Martin
About the Production
Run Dates: 7/2/1994 - 7/31/1994
Program: Program (.pdf)
Venue: Queen Anne
Directed By: Andrew J. Traister
Cast: Kurt Beattie - Walter
Gloria Dorson - Du
Colin Kratz - Orderlies; Guard
Liz McCarthy - Keely
Paul Mitri - Cole
Christopher E. Shanahan - Orderlies; Guard
Sue Shannon - Orderlies; Guard
Behind the Scenes: Mary H. Corrales-Diaz - Stage Manager
Charlene Hall - Scenic Designer
Frances Kenny - Costume Designer
Catherine Kettrick - Alexander Technique Coach
Rick Paulsen - Lighting Designer
Phil Schermer - Producing Director
Susan Trapnell Moritz - Managing Director