* World Premiere

A Case For The Existence of God (2024)
Inside a small loan brokerage in Idaho, two men — a study in opposites — struggle to make a place for their families in the American dream as they balance parenthood, financial security, desire, and empathy. This award-winning play, with a revelatory ending, leads audiences on a journey of intrigue and reckoning as the two fathers’ lives intertwine in a powerful narrative about what it means to be human.
About the Play
Written By: Samuel D. Hunter
About the Production
Run Dates: 2/2/2024 - 3/18/2024
Program: Program (.pdf)
Directed By: John Langs
Cast: Conner Neddersen - Ryan
Nathaniel Tenenbaum - Keith
Behind the Scenes: Larcyn Burnett - Production Assistant
John Langs - Artistic Director
Thorn Michaels - Associate Lighting Designer
Danielle Nieves - Costume Designer
Maggie Rogers - Sound Designer
Michael Ross - Interim Managing Director
Bret Torbeck - Stage Manager
JR Welden - Stage Manager
Connie Yun - Lighting Designer
Parmida Ziaei - Scenic Designer