* World Premiere

The Invisible Hand (2014)
When Nick, an American financial guru is captured and held by a militant Islamic organization in Pakistan, he is forced to raise his own 10 million dollar ransom. In his desperate quest to gain his freedom, he warms to the task, as does his captor and avid student, Bashir, with terrifying results. An important new voice in the American Theatre, Ayad Akhtar delivers a chilling examination of personal and political responsibility, and the shifting sands of the global power structure.
About the Play
Written By: Ayad Akhtar
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About the Production
Run Dates: 9/5/2014 - 9/28/2014
Program: Program (.pdf)
Directed By: Allen Nause
Cast: Elijah Alexander - Bashir
Erwin Galan - Dar
William Ontiveros - Imam Saleem
Connor Toms - Nick Bright
Behind the Scenes: Geoffrey Alm - Fight Director
Marcella Barbeau - Assistant Lighting Designer
Kurt Beattie - Artistic Director
Marianna de Fazio - Dialect Coach
Brendan Patrick Hogan - Sound Designer
Agastya Kohli - Language Coach
Rose Pederson - Costume Designer
Becca Rowlett - Production Assistant
Carlo Scandiuzzi - Executive Director
Matthew Smucker - Scenic Designer
JR Welden - Stage Manager
Kristeen Willis Crosser - Lighting Designer