* World Premiere

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (1965)
...probably the most exciting play from the repertoire of the distinguished American playwright..shocking, realistic..unforgettable drama
About the Play
Written By: Tennessee Williams
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About the Production
Run Dates: 7/13/1965 - 7/24/1965
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Venue: Queen Anne
Directed By: Gregory A. Falls
Cast: Jack Axelrod - Doctor Baugh
Edwin Barron - Gooper
Beatrice Bischofberger - Trixie
Denice Bischofberger - Dixie
Henry Bischofberger - Sonny
Jean Burch - Mae
Alexander Conley III - Lacey
Vernon Gray - Brick
Gerald Hjert - Reverend Tooker
Estelle Jackson - Sookey
Peter Martin - Buster
Elsa Raven - Big Mama
Ronald Satlof - Big Daddy
Joan Young - Margaret
Behind the Scenes: Abigail Arnt - Sound
Kent R. Bishop - Sound; Properties
James R. Crider - Costume Coordinator
William Davidson - Stage Manager
Greg Eaton - Sound Coordinator
Gregory A. Falls - Artistic Director
Jim Frank - Assistant Costumer
Gloria Fricke - Set Designer
William Greenwood - Assistant Technical Director
Joan Klynn - Assistant to the Director
Richard (Dick) Montgomery - Electrician
William (Bill) Raoul - Technical Director
William S. Taylor - General Manager