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Jean Burch
Jean Burch has appeared in the following ACT productions:

1965 Cat on a Hot Tin Roof
As: Mae
1965 Who'll Save the Plowboy?
As: Helen
1965 Dark of the Moon
As: Miss Metcalf
1966 In White America
As: Company
1966 Tiny Alice
As: Miss Alice
1966 A Thurber Carnival
As: Mrs. Mitty; Miss Gaines; Miss Whittaker; Salesgirl; She
1966 The Collection/The Room
As: Stella
1967 After the Fall
As: Louise
1968 The Lion in Winter
As: Eleanor
1968 A Delicate Balance
As: Claire
1969 Rhinoceros
As: Housewife
1969 Inadmissible Evidence
As: Liz
1972 Butterflies Are Free
As: Mrs. Baker

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