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Richard (R.A.) Farrell
Richard (R.A.) Farrell has appeared in the following ACT productions:

1979 Fanshen
As: T'ien-ming; Lai-tsu; Secretary Ch'en; Wen-te
1981 Custer
As: First Man; Understudy
1981 Getting Out
As: Doctor
1981 Loose Ends
As: Russell
1981 Whose Life Is It, Anyway?
As: Dr. Paul Travers
1982 Da
As: Oliver
1982 Fridays
As: Chuck Hart
1982 The Greeks: The Gods (Part 1)
As: Old Man of Atreus
1982 The Greeks: The War (Part 2)
As: Old Man; Old Peleus
1984 Amadeus
As: Salieri's Valet; Ensemble
1985 Maydays
As: Sergeant; Pugachev; Chief Officer
1985 Quartermaine's Terms
As: Derek Meadle
1988 Merrily We Roll Along
As: Tyler; Ensemble
1989 Happenstance
As: Worker; Thraemoor Huntington; Otto; Secret Serviceman; Vic; Man on Subway; Grover
1990 Lloyd's Prayer
As: Lloyd

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