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Anne Allgood
Anne Allgood has appeared in the following ACT productions:

2005 Vincent in Brixton
As: Ursula Loyer
2006 Miss Witherspoon
As: Veronica
2007 The Clean House
As: Virginia
2007 The Women
As: Edith Potter
2008 Eurydice
As: Loud Stone
2009 Das Barbecu
As: Fricka, Erda, Needa and more
2009 Rock 'n' Roll
As: Eleanore, Esme
2011 The Prisoner of Second Avenue
As: Edna Edison
2011 Mary Stewart
As: Mary Stuart
2012 The Pinter Festival
As: Prue; Anna
2012 Ramayana
As: Kausalya; Soorpanaka; Trijata
2013 Sugar Daddies
As: Charmaine
2014 The Price
As: Esther Franz
2015 Mr. Burns, a post-electric play
As: Jenny; Marge
2017 Tribes
As: Beth
2017 The Crucible
As: Mrs. Ann Putnam; Martha Corey; Sarah Good
2022 Sweat
As: Tracey
2023 History of Theatre: About, By, For, and Near
As: Understudy

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