* World Premiere

God of Vengance (2000)
Shut down after it opened on Broadway in 1923, Sholom Asch’s controversial, turn-of-the-century Yiddish drama, in a new adaptation by Donald Margulies, touches on themes that prove timeless - faith, family, and the conflict between public appearances and private realities.

Yankel, a father devoted to preserving his teenage daughters innocence, maintains a home of exemplary values and religious faith while in the basement, he runs a brothel. Yankel’s attempt to shield his daughter from the sin and sexuality two floors below leads to explosive events, as one family attempts to struggle with its own demons.

Obie Award-winning playwright Donald Margulies, currently celebrating hits in Paris, London, and New York, moves the action in God of Vengeance from turn-of-the-century Poland to New York City in the roaring 20s, when immigrant values clash with exuberant new-world opportunism. ACT’s world premiere adaptation revitalizes this extraordinary play in the world canon.
About the Play
Written By: Donald Margulies
Sholom Asch - Original Play
About the Production
World Premiere
Run Dates: 4/7/2000 - 5/7/2000
Program: Program (.pdf)
Directed By: Gordon Edelstein
Cast: Larry Block - Reb Eli
Matthew Boston - Jack Chapman aka Yankel Tschaptshovitsh
Michael Christensen - Partygoer, Minyan
Nike Doukas - Sara
Ilene Fins - Poor Woman
Sol Frieder - The Scribe (Reb Aaron)
Jay A. Hurwitz - Indigent
Hinda Kipnis - Poor Woman
Frank Krasnowsky - Indigent
Johanna Melamed - Hindl
Rachel Miner - Rivkele
Ian Nelson-Roehl - Lower East Side Kid
Naama Potok - Manke
Matt Purvis - Partygoer, Minyan
Tricia Rodley - Basha
Scott Ross - Lower East Side Kid
Mikael Salazar - Shloyme
Betsy Schwartz - Reyzl
Joe Shapiro - Partygoer, Minyan
Wauchor Stephens - The Prospective In-Law
Andrew Traister - An Orthodox Man
Mary Unruh - Partygoer, Minyan
Behind the Scenes: Geoffrey Alm - Fight Director
Scott Bolman - Assistant Lighting Designer
Gordon Edelstein - Artistic Director
Liz Engelman - Dramaturg
John Gromada - Composer and Sound Design
Anne Kearson - Stage Manager
Hugh Landwehr - Set Designer
Jim Loder - Managing Director
Adam Moomey - First Assistant Stage Manager
Anna Oliver - Costume Designer
Juli Rosenzweig - Dialect Coach
Stephanie Toste - Second Assistant Stage Manager
Robert Wierzel - Lighting Designer
Vito Zingarelli - Producing Director