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Man and Superman (1979)
This romantic comedy tells the story of two rivals: John Tanner (a wealthy, politically-minded intellectual who values his freedom) and Ann Whitefield (a charming, scheming hypocritical young woman who wants Tanner as a husband). Once Tanner realizes that Miss Whitefield is hunting for a spouse (and that he is the only target), he attempts to flee from her, only to find out that his attraction to Ann is too overwhelming to escape.
About the Play
Written By: George Bernard Shaw
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About the Production
Run Dates: 5/10/1979 - 6/2/1979
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Venue: Queen Anne
Directed By: Thomas Gruenewald
Cast: Shaun Austin-Olsen - Henry Straker
John Aylward - Mr. Malone
Katherine Ferrand - Violet Robinson
Christine Healy - Ann Whitefield
Gwen Jackson - Mrs. Whitefield
Zoaunne LeRoy - Miss Ramsden
Kris Mainz - Parlormaid
Allen Nause - John Tanner
Jeffrey L. Prather - Hector Malone
John Procaccino - Octavius Robinson
Gerald Richards - Roebuck Ramsden
Behind the Scenes: Jody Briggs - Lighting Designer
Gregory A. Falls - Artistic Director
Eileen MacRae Murphy - Production Stage Manager
Sally Richardson - Costume Designer
Phil Schermer - Technical Director
Shelley Henze Schermer - Property Master; Scenic Designer
Michael Weholt - Assistant Stage Manager
Andrew M. Witt - General Manager