* World Premiere

The Nina Variations (1997)
In this funny, fierce and heartbreaking homage to THE SEAGULL, Steven Dietz puts Chekhov's star-crossed lovers in a room and doesn't let them out. In forty-three variations on their famous final scene, Nina (a young actress) and Treplev (a young writer), pit their vibrant wit and soaring passions against one another in a fast-paced tour de force of romantic entanglement.
About the Play
Written By: Steven Dietz
About the Production
Run Dates: 5/23/1997 - 6/15/1997
Program: Program (.pdf)
Directed By: Steven Dietz
Leslie Swackhamer
Cast: Kennedy Brown - Contantine Gavrilovich Treplev
Lorca Simons - Nina Mehailovna Zaretchny
Behind the Scenes: Susan Baird Trapnell - Managing Director
Robert A. Dahlstrom - Set Designer
John Kingsbury - Stage Manager
Dave Pascal - Sound Designer
Rick Paulsen - Lighting Designer
Rose Pederson - Costume Designer
Leslie Swackhamer - Interim Artistic Director