* World Premiere

Alex and Aris (2017)
A wild-eyed drunk in an abandoned temple shoves aside a young boy who has come to his aid. Little do we know that this shameful creature and this patient boy will go down as two of the most brilliant minds in history. This is the story of Aristotle and his young pupil, who will become known to the world as Alexander the Great. A mystery that explores how the Macedonians went from a small kingdom to leading all the Greek states, and how Aristotle painstakingly set the moral compass of Alexander, the man who would conquer the known world.
About the Play
Written By: Moby Pomerance
About the Production
World Premiere
Run Dates: 7/14/2017 - 8/6/2017
Program: Program (.pdf)
Directed By: John Langs
Cast: Darragh Kennan - Aris
Chip Sherman - Alex
Behind the Scenes: Robert J. Aguilar - Lighting Designer
Alex Bodine - Kenan Directing Fellow
Cathan Bordyn - Fight Choreographer
Melanie Burgess - Costume Designer
Ruth Eitemiller - Assistant Stage Manager
Mario Gomez - Dramaturgy Intern
Jeffrey K. Hanson - Stage Manager
John Langs - Artistic Director
Lily McLeod - Assistant Lighting Designer
Indira Schlag - Costume Intern
Matt Starrit - Sound Designer
Julia Hayes Welch - Scenic Designer
Becky Witmer - Managing Director