* World Premiere

The Crimson Thread (1996)
From a rustic cottage in a mid-1800s Irish village to a turn-of-the-century union hall, this warm, evocative drama paints a vivid portrait of immigrant life and strong family ties.
About the Play
Written By: Mary Hanes
About the Production
Run Dates: 9/27/1996 - 11/3/1996
Program: Program (.pdf)
Directed By: John Dillon
Cast: Megan Cole - Bridget McDermott Flynn; Maggie Kennedy
Julie Grant - Kathleen Connelly Wright; Nora Kennedy Fitzpatrick
Liz McCarthy - Eilís McDermott Connelly; Fionnuala Connelly Kennedy
Music: Karen Harp-Reed - Vocals
Fiona Maguire - Vocals
Ellen McClain - Vocals
Behind the Scenes: Susan Baird Trapnell - Managing Director
Deena Burke - Dialect Coach
Eric Chappelle - Original Composition; Sound Designer
Jeffrey K. Hanson - Stage Manager
Constanza Romero - Costume Designer
Phil Schermer - Producing Director
Peggy Shanahan - Artistic Director
Greg Sullivan - Lighting Designer
Scott Weldin - Set Designer