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Royal Hunt of the Sun (1968)
This play is total theatre, in which language, music, masks and dance contribute to the creation of a magnificent and powerful spectacle. An historical drama of the Spanish conquest of Peru, the play expands the limits of the state to depict the clash of armies and the plunder of the Inca treasure. And at its heart is the conflict between the aging Pizarro, leader of the conquistadors, and the young Inca ruler, Atahuallpa, who believes that he is descended from the Sun God and will never die.
About the Play
Written By: Peter Shaffer
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About the Production
Run Dates: 6/19/1968 - 7/6/1968
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Venue: Queen Anne
Directed By: Gregory A. Falls
Cast: Stanley Anderson - Fray de Valverde
C.W. Armstrong - Royal Guard
Jack Axelrod - Rodas
John Aylward - Salinas
Phil Coles - Inca
Bayne Ellis - Pedro de Candia
Dan Fuller - Inca
Bruce Halverson - Pedro Chavez
James Higgins - Hernando de Soto
Glenn Johnson - Miguel Estete
John Kauffman - Felipillo
Cindy King - Oello
James Martin - Manco
Robert Milton - Domingo
William Molloy - Young Martin
Richard (Dick) Montgomery - Martin Ruiz
Gerald Morgan - Headman
K. Lype O'Dell - Villac Umu
Christopher Pennock - Juan Chavez
Mark Pesola - Inca
Dan Putnam - Diego de Trujillo
Gary Reineke - Atahuallpa
Duncan Ross - Francisco Pizzaro
Nick Savian - Vasca
Marc Singer - Challcuchima
Parker Smith - Inca
Don F. Spencer - Royal Guard
David Vaughn - Fray de Nizza
Richard Watson - Chieftain
Shay Whitman - Inti Coussi
Behind the Scenes: James R. Crider - Costume Designer
Joan Klynn - Stage Manager
S. Todd Muffatti - Set Designer
Phil Schermer - Lighting Designer
Arne Zaslove - Special Movement