* World Premiere

Grey Gardens (2013)
Little Edie is a dazzling socialite on a downward spiral into a life of illusions and hoarded junk. Just exactly how did Jackie Kennedy’s cousin end up living in a decaying 42-room mansion full of cats? First captured in a cult-hit documentary, this true-story-turned-musical will take you on an unforgettable journey. Set in the East Hampton mansion of the Beale family, Grey Gardens, and based on the cult-hit documentary of the same name, this award-winning intimate musical follows the spectacular decline and fall of Edith Bouvier Beale, a relative of Jacqueline Kennedy, and her daughter “Little Edie” from a glamorous life of cocktails and house parties to a penniless existence of bizarre co-dependency in the shambles of their once-splendid home.
About the Play
Written By: Scott Frankel - Music
Michael Korie - Lyrics
Doug Wright - Book
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About the Production
Run Dates: 5/1/2013 - 5/1/2013
Program: Program (.pdf)
Directed By: Kurt Beattie
Cast: Mark Anders - George Gould Strong
Patti Cohenour - Edith Bouvier Beale; 'Little' Edie Beale
Mae Corley - understudy Jacqueline and Lee Bouvier
Allen Fitzpatrick - J.V. 'Major' Bouvier; Norman Vincent Peale
Montserrat Fleck - Lee Bouvier
Analiese Emerson Guettinger - Jacqueline 'Jackie' Bouvier
Ekello J. Harrid, Jr. - Brooks, Sr; Brooks, Jr
Suzy Hunt - Edith Bouvier Beale
Matt Owen - Joseph Patrick Kennedy, Jr; Jerry
Jessica Skerritt - 'Little' Edie Beale
Music: Dane Anderson - Woodwinds
Chris DiStefano - Piano
Virginia Dziekonski - Cello
Chris Monroe - Percussion
Emily Schaefer - Cello
Behind the Scenes: Lisa Armstrong - Production Assistant
Kurt Beattie - Artistic Director
Chris DiStefano - Music Director; Conductor
Mary Louise Geiger - Lighting Designer
Bernadine C. Griffin - Managing Director - The 5th Avenue Theatre
Melissa Y. Hamasaki - Assistant Stage Manager
Jeffrey K. Hanson - Stage Manager
Brendan Patrick Hogan - Sound Designer
Catherine Hunt - Costume Designer
Alyssa Keene - Dialect Coach
Pauls Macs - Assistant to the Director
Trina Mills - Assistant Choreographer
Doug Peck - Orchestrations; Music Preparation
Noah Racey - Musical Staging
Chris Ranney - Assistant Music Director; Music Librarian
Peter Remine - Assistant Sound Designer
Gian-Carlo Scandiuzzi - Executive Director
Dante Olivia Smith - Assistant Lighting Designer
Matthew Smucker - Set Designer
JR Welden - Assistant Stage Manager