* World Premiere

Flight (2005)
At a secret meeting place around a fireside in the woods, six members of a slave community gather to rescue one of its members - a child - from catastrophe through the healing power of storytelling. African and African-American folktales, dance, song and drums representing the sustaining heartbeat of Mother Africa, come together in a joyous celebration of the oral tradition. Seattle favorite Charlayne Woodard, acclaimed for her shows PRETTY FIRE, NEAT, and IN REAL LIFE, returns to us with this redemptive and poignant homage to a people’s ability to heal, support, unite and inspire hope in one other.

“A heart-warming and dynamic theatrical piece about how we are unconditionally responsible for each other."
About the Play
Written By: Charlayne Woodard
About the Production
World Premiere
Run Dates: 10/14/2005 - 11/13/2005
Program: Program (.pdf)
Directed By: Valerie Curtis-Newton
Cast: David Brown, Jr. - Nate
Johnny Lee Davenport - Ezra
Dawn Frances - Mercy
Tracy Michelle Hughes - Alma
Margo Moore - Oh Beah
Behind the Scenes: Kurt Beattie - Artistic Director
Timeca Briggs - Assistant to the Playwright
Melanie Taylor Burgess - Costume Designer
Dominic CodyKramers - Sound Designer
Jeffrey K. Hanson - Stage Manager
Karl Fredrik Lundeberg - Composer
Kabby Mitchell III - Choreographer
Chris Reay - Lighting Designer
Matthew Smucker - Scenic Designer
Susan Trapnell - Managing Director
Jessica Trundy - Assistant Lighting Designer
Erin B. Zatloka - Production Assistant