* World Premiere

The Great Divide (1967)
Often called “the first modern American play,” it created a great furor in 1906 when contemporary critics called it a “sex play.” Lt played over 1,000 performances, was produced in London, and had at least 6 national tours. lt is an exciting, active play about the collision of two American cultures: the refined, Puritan east, and the rough, open west. It will certainly entertain you. We, and director Tom Hill, think it will surprise you!
About the Play
Written By: William Vaughn Moody
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About the Production
Run Dates: 8/8/1967 - 8/19/1967
Program: Program (.pdf)
Venue: Queen Anne
Directed By: Thomas Hill
Cast: John Aylward - Winthrop Newbury
Don Barnett - Stephen Ghent
Gregory Eaton - Contractor
Sara Farwell - Mrs. Jordan
Gerald Harte - Philip Jordan
John Kauffman - Burt Williams
Lynda Myles - Ruth Jordan
Jerome Raphel - Dutch
Patrick Sheehan - Boy
Anita Stewart - Polly Jordan
Ben Tone - Lon Anderson
Sergei Tschernisch - Architect
David Vaughn - Dr. Newbury
Jonathan Wright - Mexican
Behind the Scenes: Joan Klynn - Stage Manager
S. Todd Muffatti - Set Designer