* World Premiere

Shadowlands (1992)
A Contemporary Theatre is proud to present the West Coast premiere of Shadowlands, William Nicholson's moving play about the love affair between C. S. Lewis and the American poet Joy Davidman. Shadowlands follows the story of the Oxford lecturer, confirmed bachelor and celebrated author (The Chronicles of Narnia and The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe) as he encounters Joy Davidman, a trans-Atlantic admirer whose frequent letters have intrigued him. A friendship develops, and soon thereafter a "technical" marriage is arranged in order to give her British citizenship. Having given lectures all his life on love and suffering but never having experienced it himself, Lewis is thrown into an emotional turmoil when Joy is stricken with cancer. Their ensuing relationship causes him to question his previously unshakeable Christian faith and confront the true nature of his passionate love.
About the Play
Written By: William Nicholson
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About the Production
Run Dates: 5/30/1992 - 6/28/1992
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Venue: Queen Anne
Directed By: David Ira Goldstein
Cast: Laurence Ballard - Christopher Riley
Mark Chamberlin - Dr. Maurice Oakley; Waiter; Priest
Barbara Dirickson - Joy Davidman
Mark Drusch - Rev. 'Harry' Harrington
Sue Guthrie - Registrar; Nurse
Eddie Levi Lee - Major W.H. Lewis
Larry Paulsen - Alan Gregg; Doctor
Ian Washburn - Douglas
Michael Winters - C.S. Lewis
Behind the Scenes: Don Darnutzer - Lighting Designer
Bill Forrester - Set Designer
Steven M. Klein - Sound Designer
Rose Pederson - Costume Designer
Phil Schermer - Producing Director
Jeff Steitzer - Artistic Director
Joan Toggenburger - Stage Manager
Susan Trapnell Moritz - Managing Director