* World Premiere

Avenue X (1996)
An a capella doo-wop musical set on the streets of Brooklyn. It's 1963, and an amateur singing group recruits a young African American to sing with them. Together, they learn whether music can bridge the gulf of prejudice.
About the Play
Written By: John Jiler - Book and Lyrics
Ray Leslee - Music
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About the Production
Run Dates: 5/3/1996 - 6/2/1996
Program: Program (.pdf)
Directed By: Leslie Swackhamer
Cast: Bob DeDea - Chuck
Forrest McClendon - Milton
Rudy Roberson - Roscoe
Paul Romero - Ubazz
David V. Scully - Winston
Kay Story - Barbara
Jerry Tellier - Pasquale
Virginia Ann Woodruff - Julia
Behind the Scenes: David Boushey - Fight Director
Gregory A. Falls - Producing Director
John Kingsbury - Stage Manager
Dave Pascal - Sound Designer
Rose Pederson - Costume Designer
Michelle Riel - Set Designer
Phil Schermer - Producing Director
Peggy Shannon - Artistic Director
Susan Trapnell Moritz - Managing Director
Scott Warrender - Music Director
Michael Wellborn - Lighting Designer
Craig Williams - Choreographer