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Of Mice and Men (1975)
Who can forget the touching tale of child-like, gorilla-built Lenny, the provocative bunk-house floozy who teases him into an uncomprehending grip of death, and his compassionate and agonized pal who kills him?
About the Play
Written By: John Steinbeck
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About the Production
Run Dates: 9/11/1975 - 9/27/1975
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Venue: Queen Anne
Directed By: Robert Loper
Cast: Glenn Buttkus - Carlson
Frederick Coffin - Lennie
Clayton Corzatte - George
Robert Donley - Candy
Joe Fields - Crooks
Gail Hebert - Curley's Wife
Henry Kendrick - Slim
Rod Pilloud - Whit
Vern Taylor - The Boss
William C. Witter - Curley
Behind the Scenes: Paul Bryan - Technical Director
Ruth Davis - Properties
Donna Eskew - Costume Designer
Bill Forrester - Settings
Eileen MacRae Murphy - Stage Manager
Phil Schermer - Lighting Designer