* World Premiere

Black Comedy/Captain Fantastick Meets the Ectomorph (1968)
Shaffer's one-act comedy pulls a theatrical switch by reversing dark and light, so that in the brief moments when the lights are "on" for the performers the stage is darkened; the rest of the time it is light for the audience and the characters stumble about in their own darkness. Pritchard takes us to a Southern town and with three men, brought together following a flood, examines their interaction in an amusing and sometimes illusive way.
About the Play
Written By: Barry Pritchard - Captain Fantastick
Peter Shaffer - Black Comedy
About the Production
Run Dates: 7/31/1968 - 8/17/1968
Program: Program (.pdf)
Venue: Queen Anne
Directed By: Gregory A. Falls
Robert Loper
Cast: Stanley Anderson - Schuppanzigh
Ann Driscoll - Miss Furnival
Stuart Gillard - Brindsley Miller
James Higgins - Harold Gorringe
Patricia McGregor - Carol Melkelt
William Molloy - Rex Crain
Richard (Dick) Montgomery - Frederick Regent
Gerald Morgan - Georg Bamberger
Nick Savian - Colonel Melkelt
Holland Taylor - Clea
Behind the Scenes: Abigail Arnt - Costume Designer
Kent R. Bishop - Stage Manager
Cathy Breen - Lighting Designer
S. Todd Muffatti - Set Designer
William (Bill) Raoul - Set Designer